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Accent Accounting & Taxes LLC, Huntsville Metro Tax Professionals Are you truly busy doing what you love to do and do best? Accent Accounting & Taxes LLC would
Are Interest on Payday Loans Or Cash Advance Loans tax Deductible
Pay day loans which are also referred to as check advance loans, post dated check loans or deferred deposit loans are a common option for those needing quick cash. Individual
How To Renew Alabama Business And Vehicle License Online
With the hustle and bustle of today it is important that we find easier and more productive ways of doing business. One aspect of effecient business is paying bills
Intuit Quickbooks reaching out to small firms
You can't argue with free stuff that's useful, especially if it has the potential to make a business run more efficiently. I've been on the lookout for ways that small businesses
Small businesses and tax pitfalls
Income tax filing season can be a trying time for small business owners, and in a recession, even more so. One of the biggest pitfalls owners are likely to encounter is a perennial
Tax Credit from the IRS 2008 / 2009
The Internal Revenue Service has listed some credits on its Web site that can cut your tax bill or boost your refund. According
Income Tax Brackets
Income Tax Rate Brackets Tax Bracket Single Joint HOH* *
Alabama Tax Guide
Alabama Department of Revenue Our Web site is designed to provide quick and easy access to a variety of state and local tax information,
Intuit / Quickbooks
Top 5 Reasons to Use QuickBooks: 1. Spend less time on routine tasks, such as creating estimates & invoices or paying bills, so you can have more time to run your
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Year End Tax Planning Help-Your Corporation
A greeting to you all my friends, it is time to write another year end tax planning article. What shall we discuss? What can I tell you all that will offer some sort of financial revelation
IRS Payroll Taxes
What is commonly known as the IRS actually stands for Internal Revenue Service. This department is the in charge for the taxes paid to the Government every year. Their regime
Choosing Between an LLC, C, or S Corporation
Owning a business is very serious, and needs to be treated as such. There are so many decisions to be made, including the right structure and incorporation method. With options including
SafeGaurding Tax and Financial Records
The IRS recently published a newswire urging people to safeguard their records. IRS Acting Commissioner, Kevin M. Brown stated, "With forecasts calling for an active Atlantic
How Green Is Your CPA? For Taxtime, Firms Eliminate 'Paperwork'
As American consumers become increasingly eco-conscious, CPA firms across the country are responding by offering paperless tax and financial management. "The timing is perfect,"
The Top Five Tax Drawbacks for Small Businesses
Unfortunately for small businesses, for every one that opens another one closes down. One of the main reasons for that statistic is a lack of knowledge about taxes. Lack of understanding of
5 Reasons Why Demand for Accounting & Finance Pros Will Intensify - March 01, 2007 - Ron Blair, managing director of Century Group, a professional services firm specializing in executive search, professional recruitment and
Minimum Wage Increase: Much Ado About Nothing for Most Small Business Owners According to SurePayroll Survey
Small business owners are not losing much sleep about an increase in the national minimum wage, according to a recent survey by national payroll service provider SurePayroll.
SurePayroll Surveys Small Business Owners Gearing Up for Tax Time
It's tax time for America's small businesses. Will most small business owners prepare their own taxes or use an accountant? Will many business owners ask for an extension? Are
Moore Colson Managing Partner, Greg Colson, Named One Of America's Top 100 Most Influential Practitioners of 2006 by CPA Magazin
Greg Colson, Managing Partner of Atlanta based accounting firm Moore Colson, was recently named one of America's Top 100 Most Influential Practitioners of 2006 by CPA Magazine.
Small Business Legislative Council Announces Agenda for 2007
The 110th Congress provides a fresh opportunity for us to pursue policies that will help our nation's small businesses to grow and flourish," said Dan Gilligan, President Offers Tax News for Small Businesses
In her weekly feature "Memos," Wall Street Journal columnist Kelly Spors reports that the government is giving businesses a tax refund on 2006
U.S. Government New Website to Help Small Businesses
Together with twenty-one other federal agencies, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has recently launched a one-stop resource center that would provide businesses with
Tax Saving Tips for Small Business Owners for 2007 Tax Season
Soon 2006 will be gone and the season for tax filing will be here. It is important that before the year ends small business take advantage of tax saving tips to minimize their
The National Society of Accountants offers 12 strategies to save your business money.
Here are 12 year-end tax strategies that can help you save taxes and secure your business thousands of dollars, according to the National Society of Accountants:1. Accelerate
Legal business structures: Impact on your taxes
When December arrives, I always find myself writing about the beginning of tax season. Now you may think tax season begins in March or April, but experienced business owners
Bigger Refunds for Millions of Taxpayers
The Internal Revenue Service and community partners nationwide today kicked off EITC Awareness Day to promote a tax credit that could be a critical financial lifeline to many
Kiddie Tax and Your Tax Return
The new "kiddie" tax rule, which increases the number of years during which a child's investment income can be taxed at the parent's rate, is really nothing to brag about. The
Tax Deductions for Home Based Business
Seeking tax advice and tax tips is never a bad idea. When it is time to file your home based businesses taxes online you want to have every weapon that is legally at your disposal.
BUSINESS CLIMATE: Florida among best
Looking for good states to do business in? Start with states that have no personal income tax, like Florida and Texas. Wyoming, Nevada and South Dakota go one step better
Tips for a smooth transition when taking over a business
When you buy a business, a smooth transition should be one of your priorities. After all, you will have plenty to do already. It is also important for retaining customers and staff.
Retirement Reality Check For Entrepreneurs
Stephan Roche, ShareBuilder Bellevue, Wash. - You're one of America's small-business owners. You've set out on your own to build a great business and chart your own destiny.
Businesses and Tax-exempts Can Use Formula for Telephone Tax Refund
The Internal Revenue Service announced a formula that will allow businesses and tax-exempt organizations to estimate their federal telephone excise tax refunds. The formula will
New Website Supports Small Business Start-ups
Those just starting out in small business have a new tool in the fight to survive. The Moment Group ( is
Deductible business expenses
Business Expenses Business expenses are the cost of carrying on a trade or business. These expenses are usually deductible if the business is operated to make a profit. What
Year-End Tax-Planning Moves
By Colleen DeBaise November 16, 2006 THE CASH REGISTER is furiously ringing with holiday sales1. So who's got time for year-end tax planning? You do. Now's your last chance
What To Look for When Selecting a CPA
As income tax filing season draws nearer many small business owners have began looking for an accountant or other tax professional to file their tax return. Searching for a