Ubikwiti Offers Free Alternative to QuickBooks Online Basic for SMBs

Intuit unveiled a Small Business Stimulus Program on Jan. 27, 2009. An analysis of the content of the press release detailing the Intuit stimulus program reveals that its offer of ‘Totally Free Software’ relates to QuickBooks Simple Start Free Edition (an already free, very basic system that lets users easily track money coming in and money going out). Intuit’s stimulus program for small businesses does not extend to price reduction of QuickBooks Online Basic (still $9.95/month) - a version targeted at single-user SMBs and restricted to the US only.

According to Ubikwiti CEO Tim Loving, “Ubikwiti’s Online Software for single-user SMBs - now offered as a free ‘no strings’ alternative to QuickBooks Online Basic - is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Neither accounting knowledge nor technical programming skills are required to setup and customize the software. ”

“Ubikwiti Online Software for SMBs™, although free, does not skimp on features and functionalities. It is much more than a very basic system to track money in and out like QuickBooks Simple Start Free Edition. Ubikwiti’s Online Software for SMBs is a realistic alternative to QuickBooks Online Basic, with the notable exception that Ubikwiti Online Software for SMBs is free.”

“Ubikwiti Online Software for SMBs has all the functionality needed to enable SMBs providing products and services to manage customers and customer-related activities, as well as vendors and vendor-related activities. Full financial reports are available, including Profit & Loss Report and Balance Sheet. A base time zone can be set to ensure consistency of reports and operations across multiple time zones.”

“Ubikwiti Online Software for SMBs screens, business forms and reports are easily and quickly customizable by SMB end-users by means of Ubikwiti’s business-user-friendly DIY-GUI™ toolkit. Application navigation settings are also customizable by end-users using Ubikwiti’s DIY-Configuration™ toolkit. The DIY-Configuration toolkit makes it easy to further simplify the already simple, clean, easy-to-use Ubikwiti Online Software for SMBs by removing unnecessary components (replaceable at any time).”

End-users can easily upgrade or add vertical market and other optional components and packages at any time from Ubikwiti’s Online U-KwikShop™.

“In terms of web browsers, Ubikwiti Online Software for SMBs differs from QuickBooks Online Basic in not being restricted to IE for Windows Version 6 or later. Ubikwiti supports any major browser that supports JavaScript (e.g. Firefox).

In terms of operating systems, Ubikwiti Online Software for SMBs supports Microsoft Windows (XP and above), as well as Linux and Mac OS. In comparison, QuickBooks Online Basic is restricted to Windows Vista, XP and Windows 2000.”

About Ubikwiti Ltd:

Ubikwiti is a leading designer and developer of online DIY component-based business application software. Amazon.com data centers in the United States host all Ubikwiti software and customer data.

Ubikwiti enables SMB businesspeople to quickly and easily define, configure, launch, modify and enhance business applications to meet their own business needs at the lowest possible cost. Businesspeople first select a business template and then add additional business components from U-KwikShop to tailor the template to their needs, using simple “point and click” methods.

Ubikwiti applications interface easily to free office productivity tools, social networking sites, web hosting services (such as online stores) and online payroll services.

Intuit, the Intuit logo, and QuickBooks, among others, are registered trademarks and/or registered service marks of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries. Windows, Windows 2000, IE, Vista and XP are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Firefox, Linux and any other trademarks used herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

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