TypeHaus Streamlined the Check Writing Process for QuickBooks Users

TypeHaus has just introduced the CheckJet line of products designed to streamline the check writing process for QuickBooks users. These products attach externally to most HP LaserJets and HP Multifunction Printers (MFPs) as well as many other printers used today for printing checks. The CheckJet product line automates several of the time consuming chores involved with issuing payroll and accounts payable checks.

The basic CheckJet model provides automatic check signing at the time QuickBooks prints the checks. TypeHaus securely encodes the authorized signatures into a memory card designed to be read by only the CheckJet device. Executives can easily remove the card and lock it in a secure location when the printer is not being used for check printing. Traveling executives even have the option of remotely authorizing check signing using a security PIN.

The CheckJet Complete model adds the ability to print the entire check form at the same time QuickBooks prints the checks. Automatic check signing can be performed or not based on the user's preference. Printing the check form eliminates the need to maintain inventories of pre-printed check stock. It also permits the use of a single common supply of blank check stock for all bank accounts.

According to Bond Fletcher, President and CEO of TypeHaus, "On-demand check printing can result in a 55% to 60% cost savings over ordering pre-printed checks from Intuit. We use the CheckJet ourselves in order to eliminate the time and expense of tracking and ordering pre-printed checks." To properly adhere to banking guidelines, TypeHaus strongly recommends the use of magnetically sensitive MICR toner when printing the full check form. MICR toner is not required when printing only signatures on pre-printed check stock.

The use of both MICR toner and security check stock was included in the company's cost savings calculations and are available from TypeHaus as well as other vendors. TypeHaus is an HP Solutions Business Partner with customer support and all other corporate operations based entirely in the United States.

To learn more about streamlining check writing when using QuickBooks, contact Michael Friedman or visit www.typehaus.com. CheckJet is a trademark of TypeHaus, Inc. QuickBooks is a registered trademark of Intuit, Inc.

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