G7 Offers FREE Tax Software

G7 Productivity Systems has released three incredible bundle offers that include a FREE copy of TurboTax(R) software. Available at www.g7ps.com/TaxBundle, the G7 Bundles include either 'TurboTax(R) Deluxe Federal and State', 'TurboTax(R) Home & Business' or 'TurboTax(R) Business'. Each TurboTax(R) title is bundled with relevant G7 financial software & printing solutions.

Tax time, new years resolutions, and a struggling economy are prompting many consumers and businesses to organize their taxes & finances AND look for ways to save money. The G7 bundles provide everything consumers need to easily maximize tax deductions, organize their finances AND realize significant short and long-term savings.

For example, the G7 Tax Bundle Deluxe Gold is $199 (a $310 value) and includes VersaCheck(R) Gold finance & check creation software, a VersaJette(TM) M400.v7 printer, two color/black ink combo packs and a FREE copy of 'TurboTax(R) Deluxe Federal & State 08'. Users can easily re-coup their investment by using the VersaCheck(R) software to design personal & business checks on their PC in minutes. Beyond managing finances, VersaCheck(R) allows users to replace expensive pre-printed check refills with blank check refills and experience dramatic savings - often saving more than $50 for every 250 checks they print. Blank check paper can be easily stored without security concerns and allows the convenience of updating checking information at anytime. One refill of blank check paper can support multiple checking accounts, reducing the need for multiple pre-printed check refill purchases. Checks can be printed directly from VersaCheck(R) or seamlessly from QuickBooks(R), Quicken(R) and most other accounting programs.

The included VersaJette(TM) M400.v7 color inkjet printer can scan, copy and print documents and photos. VersaJette(TM) is the world's only line of desktop inkjet printers designed to print bank compliant checks. The secret is in the VersaInknano(TM) magnetic black ink (MICR). The VersaInk(TM) magnetic ink formula meets ANSI X9 check printing standards so that checks are easily scanned in using Magnetic Ink Character Recognition devices (MICR check scanners) used at retail and financial outlets everywhere.

TurboTax(R) 'Home & Business' and TurboTax(R) 'Business' are also offered FREE with G7 financial software & printing solutions. To learn more please visit www.g7ps.com/TaxBundle

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