QuickBooks Errors , QuickBooks Problems Quickbooks Error 6177,0

QuickBooks Errors (QuickBooks Problems) -6177,0. QuickBooks cannot use the file path. For a better formatted version: http://1234567890.typepad.com/quickbooks/2008/12/6177-errors-and-6000-83-errors.html

Reboot the server. See if this solves your QuickBooks Errors (QuickBooks Problems) -6177,0, before doing more. The other QuickBooks Errors (QuickBooks Problems) -6177,0 steps take around 30 minutes, depending on computer speed and number of users. After each number, try to open the file on the computer with the error. Continue only if you still have QuickBooks Errors (QuickBooks Problems) -6177,0.

1. QuickBooks Errors (QuickBooks Problems) -6177,0 - Go to the computer with the company file. Troubleshoot the server configuration (10 minutes). a. Close QuickBooks if running. b. Delete the network data file (QuickBooks recreates it automatically): i. Open the folder with the company file. ii. Delete a file with company file name and .nd extension (MyCoFile.qbw.nd). c. Configure the QuickBooks Database Server Manager: i. Click Start. Programs > QuickBooks > QuickBooks Database Server Manager. ii. Click the Scan Folders tab and the Add Folder button. iii. Select the QuickBooks company file folder and click OK. iv. If you do not know where files are, select the entire disk. v. (Optional) Click Add Folder again to add more folders and then OK. vi. Click the Scan button. The display shows folders scanning. vii. After the scan, click Close. d. Ensure QBDataServiceUserXX users have full access to company folders. XP http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Pages/Knowl ... Vista http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Pages/Knowl ..

2. QuickBooks Errors (QuickBooks Problems) -6177,0 - Update to the QuickBooks program on each workstation and the server (15 minutes per system). All systems using a company file must use the same QuickBooks release. To check, open QuickBooks, press F2. The version and release are in the upper left of the window.

3. QuickBooks Errors (QuickBooks Problems) -6177,0 - Turn off hosting on computers not having the company data file (2 minutes per computer). a. Open QuickBooks on a computer that does not have the company file. b. Click the File menu and click Utilities. i. If Stop Hosting Multi-User Access appears, click it and Yes to confirm. ii. If Host Multi-User Access appears, stop. Go to the next step. c. Close QuickBooks d. Repeat this on all computers that do not store the QuickBooks data file.

4. QuickBooks Errors (QuickBooks Problems) -6177,0 - If you installed QuickBooks on the server then toggle hosting off and on. Open the company file on a local (not mapped) hard drive (5 minutes) a. Open QuickBooks on the server. b. Click the File menu, Utilities > Stop Hosting Multi-User Access, click Yes to confirm. c. Close QuickBooks and reopen it. d. Click the File menu, Utilities > Host Multi-User Access, click Yes to confirm. e. Click the File menu, click for: QuickBooks 2007 or 2008: Open or Restore company; QuickBooks 2006: Open company. f. QuickBooks 2007 or 2008 only: Open a company file, click Next. g. Click the Look in drop-down arrow, select a local hard drive ( C: or D:). Browse to a folder with a QuickBooks data file. h. Select the company file, open it according to your QuickBooks version: i. QuickBooks 2007 and 2008: Open. ii. QuickBooks 2006: Open file in multi-user mode, Open. i. (Optional) Close QuickBooks on the server.

5. QuickBooks Errors (QuickBooks Problems) -6177,0 - If this does not work see http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Pages/Knowl ...

6. For other QuickBooks Errors (QuickBooks Problems) see: a. H101, H202, H303, H505 http://1234567890.typepad.com/quickbooks/2008/12/quickbooks-errors-or-problems-.html b. Network permission QuickBooks errors http://1234567890.typepad.com/quickbooks/2008/09/quickbooks-errors---network-permission.html c. Shrink files http://1234567890.typepad.com/quickbooks/2008/11/quickbooks-2009-upgrade-yes-outgrowing-quickbooks-no-shrink-files-13.html d. Speed Up QuickBooks http://1234567890.typepad.com/quickbooks/2008/09/speed-up-quickbooks---quickbooks-performance-troubleshooting.html e. QuickBooks Terminal Server http://1234567890.typepad.com/quickbooks/2008/08/fastest-easiest.html g. Various http://www.blocktax.com/quickbooks-errors.htm

7. QuickBooks Errors (QuickBooks Problems) - Contact Mike Block http://www.blocktax.com/Contact_us_for_QuickBooks_Accounting_Software.htm.

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