QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition 2009

I have a contracting business building new residential houses and I am not an accountant by anymeans. This program is really geared to the contractor that has alot of customers, as a home builder I only have 1 customer, the person that buys my house, and I don't invoice anybody, I'm the one always getting invoiced, so for this program to work for me, I had to fool it in a few places. My house's have become my customers in the eyes of the program. I bought this program last March (2009).

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This program has a large learning curve. The book that comes with the program is marginally helpful, the Quicken BB was more helpful. Early after I got the program I devoted one entire weekend to learn it and by Sunday nite I had a good grasp of the program. It was frustrating but well worth while. Now that I know this program it is fantastic. This program allows you to do many things, it cuts the data almost any way you want to look at it. It's one good program.

It's not cheap, but well worth the money.5 stars (Very Detailed) - This is the most detail oriented program there is available! Just make sure to get some kind of tutoring with it. It is hard for a beginner to learn.4 stars (Quickbooks Contractor edition) - product is great has good help screens. very flexible. forms are easily modified.

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