How Green Is Your CPA? For Taxtime, Firms Eliminate 'Paperwork'

As American consumers become increasingly eco-conscious, CPA firms across the country are responding by offering paperless tax and financial management.

"The timing is perfect," says Moshe Graber, of Beverly Hills-based Gerber & Co CPAs. "Consumers are choosing to drive hybrids, switching to fluorescent bulbs, and even replacing their rose bushes with cactus gardens. So, they certainly don't want a CPA firm to cut down a mini-forest of trees simply to process their financial affairs."Gerber & Co. has taken the lead in Southern California for "green-friendly" financial processing, converting their client work-product from a multi-inch paper "brick" into a thin, archival CD which documents a year of Federal and State e-filing.

Managing Director Selwyn Gerber estimates that, currently, fewer than five percent of CPA firms are running an eco-friendly office, but, over the next five years, consumer pressure will drive that number well above fifty percent.

"Transitioning to a paperless CPA environment will always require a significant initial capital outlay," Gerber says. "But the investment is more than paid for by years of efficiency, secure recordkeeping, and most importantly, appreciative clients."

Gerber & Co. CPAs

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