IRS Owes $1.3 Million to About 1,500 Tennesseans

Just in time for the holidays, the Internal Revenue Service has announced its undelivered refund list.

In Middle Tennessee, IRS has 563 checks totaling $489,035, said Dan Boone, IRS media specialist for Alabama and Tennessee.

Chances are if someone mistakenly filled out their address on a tax return or moved, their refund checks were returned to the revenue service.

In Tennessee, 1,471 checks were returned to the government or $1,336,475. The average refund is $909, said the revenue service Thursday morning.

Davidson County is third in the state with the highest totals of undelivered tax refunds. There are 235 undelivered refunds worth $121,873 in the county; the highest is Shelby County with 318 refunds worth $412,699 and the next highest is Williamson county where 27 refunds total $155,868.

Overall, Davidson County has the state's second highest number of undelivered refunds at 235 checks. Shelby County was first with 318 checks. The remaining top three counties are Knox County with 112 checks, Hamilton with 87 checks and Rutherford with 50 checks.

"The IRS would like to get this money into the hands of the intended recipients as quickly as possible," Boone said. "Taxpayers can update their addresses and claim their refunds online or by phone."

To claim refunds online, taxpayers can go to the IRS Web site,, and enter filing status and refund amount under the "Where's My Refund?" section. Taxpayers can claim refunds by calling 1-800-829-1954.

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