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Are you truly busy doing what you love to do and do best? Accent Accounting & Taxes LLC would like to be at your side to do the rest – efficiently maintaining your accounting, payroll, bookkeeping, and sales, payroll, income and other tax needs, including Schedule K-1s. We will take care of A-Z of your books!

Accent Accounting & Taxes LLC is designed with you, the small business and individual in mind – to allow you the flexibility and peace of mind as we focus on assisting you to reduce costs by performing our services either at your facility or ours. Furthermore, since we are aware that your time is essential, for your convenience, we will pick up and drop off your documents to and from your facility.

Accent Accounting & Taxes LLC is not only here to assist you in making a profit but guiding you to maximize that profit, while minimizing your costs and tax obligations.

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